Steam Turbine

Leisten is one of the renowed EPC player of Steam Turbine & Generator (STG) Package including supply of Spares.

Our capabilities include:

Engineering, Tooling, Machining and Coatings for manufacture of Steam Turbine blades, nozzles, rotors, spacers and valves, Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering, Advanced design system is equipped with software.

Steam Injection and Steam Path System

Lube & Control Oil Sysytem

Heat Exchangers Sytem

Main steam enters the turbine at the bottom of the high-pressure shell via two separate stop and control valves.

A single oil supply line lubricates and cools the bearing, governs the m/c and operates the hydraulic actuators and safety and protective devices.

Heat exchangers are key to the efficiency of the steam and water cycle.



Steam turbines have journal bearings and thrust bearings.

Leisten will provide total solution for Miscellaneous items of SteamTurbine Plant like Filter, Vibration Probes, Magnetic Pick-Ups and Gear units etc..