Leisten got experience of Erection, commissioning, servicing and supply of spares for High speed, High Flow and High NPSH pumps.

Our capabilities include:

Engineering, Tooling, Machining and Coatings for manufacture of Pump Disc, nozzles, rotors, spacers and valves, Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering, Advanced design system is equipped with software.

Housing / casing

The outer shell of the pump which protects most of the components from the outside elements. The casing of the pump should be of materials suitable to withstand the environmental conditions of the application (e.g. submersible pumps should be water and rust corrosion resistant

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A rotating disk with a set of vanes coupled to a shaft. When the impeller rotates, it imparts energy to the fluid to induce flow. Flow characteristics of the pump vary widely based on the impeller design.

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The power source of the pump which drives the shaft. AC motors and DC motors are the most common power sources for pumps, but internal combustion engines (ICEs), hydraulic power, and steam power are other possibilities.

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The shaft connects the impeller to the motor/engine that provides power for the pump.

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Bearing assembly

The mechanical support that allows continuous rotation of the impeller and is continuously lubricated.

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