Centrifugal Compressors

Leisten and it’s associates has specalised in supplying Critical Spares and Components of Compressor and BOP packages.

Our capabilities include:

Engineering, Tooling, Machining and Coatings for manufacture of Compressor blades, nozzles, rotors, spacers and valves, Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering, Advanced design system is equipped with software



Inlet Guide Vane –IGV

Depending on the compressor family the casings can be

– Horizontally split

– Vertically split

Diaphragms are located in the casing to efficiently convert the dynamic energy of the gas at the impeller outlet to static pressure. Also, return vanes are provided which direct the gas flow to the impeller eye.

By using IGV, lower starting torque is achieved particularly for refrigeration compressor without raising motor frame size. IGV also brings benefit of wider turn down range for constant pressure service.




The rotor consists of shaft, impellers, balancing drum and thrust collar. The shaft is properly heat-treated and the impellers and balancing drum are shrunk-fit to the shaft.

Tilting pad type bearings are generally used for journal bearings. For every bearing, rotor dynamics calculations are performed

Shaft end seals eliminate or minimize the leakage of compressed gas or the entry of air into the compressor casing

Oil Systems

Magnetic Bearing System

The lube oil system provides forced lubrication to the journal and thrust bearings. The seal oil system supplies oil at a slightly higher pressure than the compressor’s internal gas pressure (reference gas pressure) in case oil film seal and mechanical seal

In magnetic bearing systems, the compressor shaft is levitated in the air gap by controlling magnetic forces of electromagnets. To regulate the shaft position, the position signals are always feedback to the magnetic forces through the signal processors and power amplifiers.