• Journal bearings: Tilting pad type bearings are generally used for journal bearings. For every bearing, rotor dynamics calculations are performed, including those for rotor critical speed, stability, and response due to unbalanced mass distribution, with due consideration paid to bearing stiffness and damping caused by oil film.
  • Tilting pad type bearings are particularly effective against oil whirling and have outstanding stability.
  • Magnetic bearings: Since the acti ve magnetic be ar ings prov ide contact-free rotor support, parts and components do not wear.
  • Thrust bearings: The thrust bearings are of the double Kingsbury tilting pad type for equal distribution of the thrust load and minimization of mechanical loss
  • Damper bearings: Damper bearing is used to dampen the rotor and thus stable operation is secured. Due to the oil squeeze film outside of the cage-type spring, the Amplification Factor of critical speed is well suppressed



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