Leisten is able to supply all types of Spares and Services for Steam and Gas Turbines. Leisten, along with its business associates located in USA & China, maintain inventory of all popular makes and have reverse engineering capability. Leisten has the capability to source and supply critical, High Lead Time and High Value items to meet immediate requirements of customers.


  • Spares supplied by Leisten at competitive prices
  • Delivery time frame is substantially lower than that of OEM
  • Quality of product is same or superior to OEM
  • Superior customer service and ability to deploy specialists on demand at project site

Gas Turbine

Steam Turbine

Centrifugal Compressors

Leisten is one-stop shop capable of providing complete range of spares for your gas power plants.

Leisten is one of the renowed EPC player of Steam Turbine & Generator (STG) Package including supply of Spares.

Leisten and it’s associates has specalised in supplying Critical Spares and Components of Compressor and BOP packages.


Reverse Engineering

Advanced System Design

Leisten got experience of Erection, commissioning, servicing and supply of spares for High speed, High Flow and High NPSH pumps.

Leisten has highly skilled Reverse Engineering and Quality Control teams work together to ensure our customers are receiving the correct parts they need, that are best suited for the application.

Leisten is unique in the industry for our continuous involvement with coal plant designs.