Leisten offers various services for customers in the captive and independent power plant industry with sub-critical, super-critical and ultra super-critical equipment ranging from 6MW to 1000MW capacity. Our services include:

Global & Strategic Supply Chain Management

Erection & Commissioning Services

State –of-the-art purchases through reverse auction, selection of vendors employing Six Sigma quality control philosophies.
Leisten is supported by America’s premier procurement centers practicing state of art systems like Supply chain management, Global Sourcing, Economic buying, controlling quality through six sigma philosophy and optimizing the price through JIT and reverse auction. The headquarters being at Washington and connected by strong electronic media derives unique advantage of quality and speed.
Leisten works with world class export houses like SINOMACH, CNAICO from China and reputed export houses from USA deriving the unique advantage of export incentives and duty draw backs.

Leisten offers complete Erection & Commissioning services for steam turbines, generators, boilers and gas turbines. Leisten has an MOU in place with a world class company with extensive experience in the erection and commissioning of subcritical and supercritical power plant equipment and combined cycle power plant equipment of varying capacities. Using a blended resource approach of European and Indian resources, Leisten is able to offer a compelling, cost competitive package for all your installation and commissioning needs to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment.